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Working overseas can be a complex task. We do everything we can to prepare our candidates prior to deployment from a compliance perspective.


Tradestaff Global will support you throughout the visa process. We ensure that you are compliant with work permits and visas prior to deployment. These are taken care of at no expense to our staff. Some countries have extremely simple work visa schemes and some involve medical exams, vaccination records, chest x-rays and a mountain of paperwork.


International tax law can be extremely complex; it's an area in which we can't afford to take risks. Prior to starting a project we spend thousands of dollars on some of the world's best tax advisors who will not just give Tradestaff Global advice on our tax but also inform us of our staff's obligations. We will give a basic outline of tax for each project and can point you in the right direction of who to speak to in order to ensure that you are 100% compliant with both NZ and foreign tax laws whilst on assignment.


All of our contractors are covered by our insurance. When on assignment you will not need to worry about any special insurance policies. Our comprehensive policies cover emergency medical evacuation, medical costs, lost/damaged personal items and legal fees. By insuring you correctly for all outcomes, we're able to offer better protection in the event of an emergency.