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Health & Wellbeing

We work in some of the most remote places on earth; we will not take risks with people’s health and wellbeing. One of our company values is that every worker has the right to return home uninjured.

Pre-deployment Medicals

Prior to deployment, all workers undertake a pre-deployment medical exam with one of our approved medical suppliers. Our medical suppliers understand the idiosyncrasies of the type of work that we do at Tradestaff Global and the challenges we face when sending staff abroad.

All workers must be deemed fit for work prior to deployment. Should an injury or illness occur whilst on assignment and the staff member be brought home, we will not redeploy that individual until full medical clearance has been received.

Emergency Medical Treatment

We conduct risk assessments for each project we undertake and work closely with our clients to plan for every eventuality. Our Insurance covers emergency medical treatment whilst overseas, whether work related or not. We have emergency evacuation plans in place so if the worst should happen we can get you back to your point of hire in a safe and timely manner.


Working away from your family can put pressure not just on you but also your family. Birthdays are missed and life can be difficult. We are conscious that people need support to ensure they are in the right frame of mind for international work.

We spend time with our clients to identify early signs of stress with our workers and offer support services not just to our staff but also to their immediate families. Support includes a free third party helpline with trained professionals offering advice and guidance whilst ensuring your confidentiality. We also do what we can to make working away from home as enjoyable as possible.

Health & Safety

We pride ourselves on taking health and safety seriously and strive to continuously raise the bar in this area. All of our staff must have either a NZ Site Safe Passport or a white or blue card. We work in partnership with our clients and our staff to reduce the risk of accidents.