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Commencing work overseas can be a daunting task, particularly if you're new to international work or working in a country that you have never been to before. We assist our staff in a number of ways to support them through this process.

Travel Booking

Tradestaff Global and our clients work together to put together a travel plan for your deployment. This can include flights to and from your point of hire, airport transfers and travel by boat or even helicopter. We plan all of this in advance, prior to your deployment, and will communicate to you a clear and concise travel plan to ensure that you arrive on site safely.

Country Orientation

For every country in which we supply workers, we provide our staff with a regional information pack. This includes extensive information about the region, including what to expect when arriving to your destination, background of a country, climate, crime, banking, medical facilities, local customs, local laws, the culture of the local people, what to do when in trouble, and dealing with cultural diversity. We even provide information on the little things like what kind of plug socket the country uses or the most effective method of staying in touch with home.

Personal Protective Equipment

If required, we can supply our workers with PPE. We have access to discounted items and items that are specially designed for working in extreme climates.


Prior to deployment, we induct all of our staff. The induction covers everything from travel arrangements, taxation, insurance, emergency planning, security, and health & safety. We believe that setting expectations from the start will make your deployment as smooth as possible.