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Working overseas can be dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. It's not uncommon for a less economically developed country to have a higher security risk than if you were working in New Zealand. We manage these risks in the following ways:

Risk Assessments

Prior to each project commencing, Tradestaff Global conducts a thorough risk assessment on the project. If we deem a project to be high risk, we will use external security consultants. We don’t take chances with people’s safety; we have previously turned down work when we were not comfortable with the level of risk involved with a particular project.

If higher risk is a reality and it is deemed manageable, we will work with our clients to put control measures in place to reduce the risk. In the past we have provided our staff with their own security escort when working in certain areas of Papua New Guinea.


Anywhere on Earth can be a dangerous place if you take the wrong actions. Training our staff front end about the risks of security and safety when overseas is critical to reduce this risk. By educating our workers at their induction, we are able to greatly reduce the likelihood of something negative happening. We also keep in regular contact with local partners and the government agencies in order to ensure that all new hazards are identified and communicated to staff, not just prior to deployment but also on a regular basis whilst overseas.