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Quality Candidates

Supplying the right candidate for the job is a philosophy that we live by at Tradestaff Global. We recently recruited for a client who was looking for a small team of mechanical fitters for a project on a mine site in New Caledonia. We started to source staff for him by running a national advertising campaign that was online within an hour of our meeting.

We received 261 direct applicants from our advertising campaign. We have state of the art online software that assists us with screening large volumes of applicants in an efficient manner and assists us with filtering out unsuitable applicants.

After a combination of telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews we filled the roles with a combination of staff who had worked for us previously on other international projects and two new applicants. As a percentage we hired just 0.77% of applicants. We were able to choose the cream of the crop and all of this was completed within just six days of meeting the client for the first time. Six months later every member of staff was still on site with the client and one had been promoted to leading hand.

Below is an exercise completed with a client operating in the Pacific. We asked them to compare our workers to their own average member of staff. 57 of our staff were assessed by the client’s management team; 52 out of the 57 staff assessed were given an average score higher than the clients own average member of staff.