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Rapid Deployment

The main reason people use Tradestaff Global for the first time it is because they need staff at extremely short notice. Someone may be ill and have dropped out at the last moment or a deadline gets brought forward without warning. We excel when time is critical.

For instance, due to unseen circumstances, a client requested that we demobilise 20 workers due to reduced workload, only to turn around and suddenly cancel this demobilisation request, and then order an additional 40 staff at short notice. We were able to meet this requirement and have these additional staff on site within 11 days.

We have an extensive candidate database to choose from when recruiting. We can text or email these candidates to let them know we urgently require an electrician if we need to. We also have a 'standby' list of workers who are registered, referenced and ready to be called up for overseas projects, given only 5 working days' notice. This standby list includes our most commonly requested roles.

Obviously we are restricted by visa processing times for certain countries, but should the visa processing system of the destination be simple, we can generally have a worker sourced, screened, medical tested, drug tested, inducted, and ready to fly within a week. We have even had an instance where a client called to see how quickly we could get two staff that they had used before back on site. The workers got the call from us on the Wednesday morning and were back on site (3 plane flights away) in time for the following day's toolbox meeting.

We work fast and we are 100% outcome driven.