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Reduced Workload

Sending workers overseas can be a complex and time consuming process for your business. Below is a list of tasks that can be outsourced to Tradestaff Global as required.

Prior to Deployment

  • Researching current market pay rates

  • Writing and publishing job adverts

  • Telephone screening applicants

  • Rejecting unsuccessful applicants

  • Face to face interviews of shortlisted candidates

  • Employment paperwork – contracts, health & safety, payroll administration, etc.

  • Completing background checks on candidates

  • Medicals – pre-employment, site specific, or immigration medical testing

  • Drug testing

  • Vaccinations

  • Pre deployment inductions

  • Issuing personal protective equipment

  • Booking travel / hotels for overnight transfers

  • Visa paperwork

  • Obtaining local licenses / tickets – trade tickets or driving licenses

  • Organising external training for workers

Whilst on Assignment

  • Completing payroll

  • Completing overseas tax / PAYE returns

  • Dealing with insurance claims

  • Communicating travel changes with workers

  • Dealing with formal HR issues

  • Organising external training for workers

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Rehabilitation and return to work medicals

  • Passport / visa renewals

  • Trade / driving license renewals


  • Formal HR disciplinary processes

  • Communicating with contractors that they are no longer required

  • Communicating about future work requirements