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Worker Consistency

Consistency is key when undertaking international projects. There is nothing more frustrating for a business than replacing staff regularly because staff have left. This can mean additional expenses with advertising, medical testing, drug testing, inductions, work permits and flights in addition to the time and effort it takes to replace someone.

Since Tradestaff Global was formed, we have aimed for consistency with the workers we provide. We achieve this through our strict screening processes and by ensuring we place the right person into each assignment. In saying this, it's not uncommon for a client to request people for a short period of time. One such instance was a client who requested carpenters with experience of building a steel shed for a three week assignment. We supplied a team for this project which was completed within three weeks, so the workers were demobilised because their specific skillset was no longer required after that stage of the project was completed.

Some statistics of our worker consistency are below; these statistics are correct as of February, 2017 and include every worker Tradestaff Global has placed on a temporary overseas assignment.

  • Average length of assignment – 195.2 days.

  • Longest Individual Assignment – 1017 days. Note - this worker is still on assignment.

  • Number of staff with 3 years continuous service – 14 people.

  • Number of staff with 2 years continuous service – 23 people.

  • Number of staff with 1 years continuous service – 81 people.