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How it works

  • Set-up

    Our staff will complete a standardised set up document with your team; this covers everything from selection criteria, health & safety, site facilities, cost allocations and insurance. We aim to agree on 95% of the processes at this stage, so expectations are clear from the start and we are all on the same page.

  • Search

    We begin our search for the right candidates for you; this involves searching our database of over 80,000 staff, running advertising campaigns including print, online and radio media.

  • Screening

    ​​As applicants apply, they are screened using our online Q&A system or by telephone if we deem the candidate suitable for your needs.

  • Interview

    ​Candidates successful in their telephone interview will be progressed to the next stage which involves a face to face interview at one of our offices.

    We conduct an in depth interview that covers skills, experience, personality, suitability for a client's individual requirements, health & safety, attitude, and flexibility. During this interview candidates complete our application paperwork which includes a health & safety test and medical history.

  • Background Checks

    Background checks are completed for candidates we interview. This may include, but is not limited to: criminal record checks, ACC claims & medical history, reference checks with previous and current employers, verification of qualifications, driver's licence checks, literacy and numeracy tests and skills testing.

  • Client Interview

    Client interviews can be conducted if required; you have the final say on who is suitable for your assignment. We may present multiple candidates to you for one role so that you have options of who you would like to engage. Most of our long term clients now skip this stage as they trust us to make the right decision regarding which worker we send because we have consistently delivered the right person for the job.

  • Preparation

    Should we get the green light from you to engage the worker, we will complete medicals (ours, yours or site/country specific), drug testing, visa paperwork and any formal training that is required for the project with the worker. Once all paperwork is ready to lodge, we send you copies of all relevant documentation including copies of qualifications, passports, medical paperwork, and any necessary documents.

  • Induction

    We complete a pre-deployment induction with our staff which can be tailored to your needs. Our usual induction covers what to expect when working on your project, the logistics involved in getting to site, taxation, emergency planning, health & safety paperwork, contracts, insurance process and country-specific information.

  • Travel

    Once flights are booked, we send everything through to the worker and confirm their arrival with your team.

  • Timesheets

    Each week you complete a timesheet showing the time worked and send this to our payroll team; we use this information to pay the worker and generate your invoice.

  • Ongoing Communication

    We keep in regular contact with our workers and your team whilst an assignment is underway.