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Antarctica Experience

Tradestaff Global supplies workers to some of the most challenging environments on earth including current projects in Antarctica. Due to the extreme conditions in Antarctica and the challenges around logistics in such an isolated environment it is important that organisations choose the right workers for their Antarctic project.

Christchurch is one of only 5 ‘Antarctic Gateway Cities’ in the world and is the main hub used by both the New Zealand Antarctic Program as well as the US Antarctic Program, Christchurch is also the location of our head office.

Selecting staff for Antarctica can be a challenge. Attitude and healthcare key factors when deciding which workers to use for your project. The onboarding processes for different programs can also be a challenge with a large amount of compliance to take care of as well as complex onboarding processes.

Tradestaff Global has experience in supplying staff to Antarctic Projects and can assist clients from around the world with a flexible and cost-effective labour solution to assist with your project on any of the 76 Antarctic Bases.

Our services include

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Background checks

  • Managing the onboarding process and dealing with
    the complex paperwork

  • Medical & Dental Prequalification of candidates

  • Dealing with insurance and taxation

  • Payroll

If your organisation is looking at working in Antarctica then please get in touch, we are happy to not just supply your organisation with staff but also share our experience of preparing for a project in Antarctica.

Tradestaff Global is also a Major Partner of the Christchurch Antarctica Network.